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Based Altruism

Based Altruism

We do not concentrate on risks, we concentrate on results.

Work Together
Work Together

Our Mission

We are focused on creating systemic change that will bring lasting improvement to solve social problems at a local, national and global level.

We believe in confronting root causes of issues (rather than symptoms) by transforming structures, customs, mindsets, power dynamics and governance systems.

Our community acts as a system strengthening our collective power through active collaboration of diverse people and organizations.

We go outside academia and focus on real world results and real world storytelling.

Selected works Areas

Selected Cause Areas


Upgrading Education Institutions

- The entire goal of a university is to teach a student how to create value in the real world, but curriculums today are outdated, and lack real world projects. Beyond that, schools separate course work from the real world. They lack a focus on impact and value creation making it impossible for students to truly test their capability to create value.
Tuition to go to the school is proof of this failure in making the four years of a students time and effort into enough value to sustain the institution. Instead, institutions should be so good at teaching their students to create value that they pay the students to go to school.

Aligning Recommender Systems

- Engagement Algorithms Online Today Control The Nervous System Of Our Global Organism. Their misalignment is causing polarity, diviseness, addiction, and mental health problems.
Our solution is to push forward empowerment algorithms, with user feedback. Turning our devices, into things that truly destroy our vices.

Spreading Positive Global Philosophy

- With education at the core of creating our identities, philosophy is at the core of how we interpret the world.
We are working on creating movements that push forward a new positive global philosophy.

Aligning Status

-Beyond sex and pleasure, status (or reputation networks) make up the strongest driver known to man.
The richest man on earth has gotten there from misaligned status structures, of wasteful spending. Projects that represent higher forms of status injected into culture will align the world towards the truth of what real eternal wealth is. (Empowerment of others)

Decentralizing Government Systems

- Democracy is a system which can be controlled to become less democratic overtime. However, as long as a voting system is in place, it is possible to patch democracy.
By patching a single seat in a democratic institution, we will create a domino effect to patching global democratic systems to align with representing people.

Existing  Projects

Existing  Projects


Startup College

- Increasing the amount of innovators working on the worlds biggest problems.
Startup College is our foundational mechanism to create exponential change. By working directly with institutions to offer courses and internships, placing great minds into high impact exponential life paths from the earliest stages.


- Ai projects have the highest leverage in causing lasting impact today, our program is focused on helping altruistic ai projects accelerate the scope, scale, and effectiveness of their impact.
We have the help of Persist Ventures entire agency to provide an entire suite of services to projects that we love.

Whitepill App

Cause Area: Aligning Reccomender Systems

- Each platform today openly uses a demonic, soul sucking engagement algorithm to farm the end user's lifeforce at max. What if we did the opposite and used these algorithms to empower?
We are launching an app whose entire goal is to inspire you and get you off of it, as fast as possible.


Steven Aiberg

- A media agency overseeing tens of thousands of digital influencers focused on improving the amount of education and empowerment in algo farms.
By using code to create content, we can manage and produce an army of youtube, tiktok, instagram, and facebook creators all from one dashboard.

The Moon Party

- The moon party is a positive global narrative aka HYPERSTITION that gives people something to look forward to, with the implication of a positive outcome for humanity. It is a universally awesome light within the misty fog of the future.
Hyperstition is a positive feedback circuit including culture as a component. It can be defined as the experimental (techno-)science of self-fulfilling prophecies. Superstitions are merely false beliefs, but hyperstitions – by their very existence as ideas – function causally to bring about their own reality. Capitalist economics is extremely sensitive to hyperstition, where confidence acts as an effective tonic, and inversely.

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Through positive leverage, we believe we can build a movement that grows worldwide.

We are the BAS/ALT of the earth.

Based Altruism
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