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10 Signs You Are A Based Altruist

1. You believe that good karma is the only eternal wealth and that the value of all material goods will rapidly move towards zero this century because of the advent of Ai.

2. You think that Ai alignment is not a future problem but a present problem and push for social media with empowerment algorithms to emerge.

3. You would prefer to focus on how to shift global cultural status structures more than showing off your own virtue signals.

4. You think the focus on creating lab grown meat is more important than eating less meat.

5. You would prefer to focus on funding building decentralized AGI collaboration platforms for alignment rather than funding theoretical research.

6. You would prefer to focus on converting institutions to entrepreneurial powerhouses rather than just focusing on recruiting from the “elite” ones.

7. You think that investing in memes and media to create cultural movements and vibe shifts is worth it.

8. You believe it’s building Ai tools to help increase the holy armory and scale of vibe shift capability is worthy knowing this is a holy war.

9. You think focusing on spreading a new internet supported global narrative is a positive path forward.

10. You would prefer to focus on pushing forward decentralized government systems than spending money campaigning for the left or the right.

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